Premium mediocre, the illusion of luxury

Pompous terms, feigned exclusivity, burgers "signature", business class of low-cost companies, industrial italian coffee names. The premium mediocre allows each of us to get an upmarket feel without the real thing high range…

Luxury, rather than implying financial means, is mainly a state of mind. It’s about loving and wanting to take advantage of that which is truly beautiful and good. These beautiful and good items are necessarily of good quality.

Unfortunately for some time, marketing seems to have invented a false luxury, that which presents the most uninteresting aspect of luxury. In other words the elitiste side which flatters the ego of the most mediocre. When luxury is solely linked to this aspect, certain people reject it with légitimate vengeance if they can't afford it, others claim that they’ve no interest even though deep down, they dream of it.

Our philosophy is to allow true luxury to be affordable, (in our case, the creation of bags), and we do our utmost to produce the most beautiful products of excellent quality for an accessible & reasonable price.. We need to fight continuously, all claims that are misleading, in order to show our difference. Several brands that I can't name, present in a context that all with all the trappings of luxury codes, items which resist neither time nor wear. Its also best not to examine the goods too closely. They are more often than not made by new slaves of the planet underpaid, and working in awful conditions.

I discovered an extraordinary article, which evokes the phenomen: How to sell articles of weak (poor) quality for a considerable price, while making us believe that they’re exceptional?

Here is the article which outlines this new trend: a magazine called “Strategies”. You can consult it here: Stratégies

(it's in french but I think google translation would help you)





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