Leather or not leather?

Some of my friends think that my bags are expensive because they’re not leather.
"Ah! So if its leather its ok to spend money, but if it's made of another material the price should be negligible..."
I reply that there are bags made of tweed and other fabrics at Chanel and that the price there is anything but insignificant
“Ah yes, but its ‘Chanel"
Chanel bags are beautiful but expensive, even those made of materials. “What is it that makes them so expensive then, since they are also made of fabric,” I ask naively ?
"Its Chanel, with its reputation, quality, and logo assured"

“Sure the mark is importante, but why such a difference in price? Communication and marketing cost a lot but even so!” I myself have a few ideas on the subject. The desirability of the inaccessible, the maintenance of high prices in order to reserve a sort of longing for an economical elite who wish to differentiate themselves from others, and these others who dream of being identified with this elite
For sure, the quality is always present. This probably keeps prices high so as to conserve and maintain (keep up) a certain knowhow which could (otherwise) be lost, whether it be for the production of the tissues used or for the actual manufacturing of the goods. Producing beautiful items takes time. How many tries and adjustments before obtaining the desired result !
If the luxury marks increase the value due to style and quality, do they truly give value to the buyer? Could it be the buyer who significantly pushes up the price?

These friends figured out the question by telling me that in any case, if they are buying a bag in another fabric, its just a temporary fantasy, and thus should cost almost nothing. For them, a real handbag is made of leather
“Well. OK. But why?”
"Because one can keep it a long time since it ages well, it lasts a long time, its not too fragile, there’s no problem with the rain. It has a classic side just because its easy to match. Its something basic, yes, thats it, a support in a wardrobe. It doesn’t become old fashioned and even if its not the latest fashion, one never feels uncomfortable"
"Yes, uncomfortable, since a leather bag never looks cheap."

So, they mean that this investment guarantees one a sort of minimum status. So we come back to the added value from the buyer. Its true that its important to be well considered whatever the circumstances but does a leather bag guarantee that?

And supposing it were possible to find the bag which had its place no matter where? Which permits its user to be him or herself no-matter where?





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